Remembering or Honoring a Loved One

In Memory ...If a loved one passes away and you would like to direct donations to Grand Rapids Right to Life, ask your funeral director for our envelopes or come to the office in Wyoming to get a supply.

Memorial donations are a thoughtful, compassionate way to express sympathy for the loss of a special person.

All money donated is used locally to create programs for the youth, to educate the public, and to build a strong prolife community right here in Grand Rapids.

Memorials are recognized in an issue of Newsgram.

Donations may also be made in honor of a family member or friend to commemorate happy occasions. Birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement, and graduation tributes are also recognized in a future edition of Newsgram.

Whether a memorial or a tribute, note cards acknowledging your gift will always be sent upon request.

For more information, contact Kelley at 616-532-2300 or at info@grrtl.org.