Be Proudly ProLife

Be Proudly ProLifeIt’s easy to be prolife … simply wear the message! Grand Rapids Right to Life has an online store filled with cool, prolife items. Take a look!

Need a fun T-shirt?
Check out the different designs, colors, styles, and prolife messages.

Want to spruce up your jacket or backpack?
Stick on a trendy prolife pin.

Does your car, laptop, or water bottle need a facelift?
Add a thought-provoking prolife sticker.

Doing a lot of shopping?
Spread the prolife message by using a recyclable tote bag.

Running around during hot summer days?
Don a baseball cap with the precious feet symbol embroidered on.

Visit the Grand Rapids Right to Life Store to view items that will make a super gift for a friend, co-worker, family member, or yourself!