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There’s Still Time to Sign the Petition

The End Dismemberment Abortion petition drive seeks to amend Michigan’s partial-birth abortion ban by adding this equally horrific procedure to that ban.

This will save roughly 2,000 babies each year in Michigan … but 400,000 signatures need to be gathered and your help is needed.

Individual Petitioning
Go out with a clipboard and collect signatures at any time and at any place where people gather. Position yourself well, but don’t block any flow of traffic. Be prepared with petitions, a clipboard, and pens. Don’t forget to gather signatures from family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Church Petitioning
Contact your pastor and ask to set-up a table in a convenient area to collect signatures before and after services. Make an announcement or place a notice in the bulletin to encourage people to visit the table and sign the petition. Note: The Internal Revenue Code and the Michigan Campaign Finance Act permit church participation in this type of signature drive.

Group Petitioning
Throughout the early fall, Grand Rapids Right to Life will announce when people are getting together to circulate petitions at an upcoming event. Volunteers will be needed!

Sign-up online to volunteer.

For more information visit Michigan Values Life.

To understand what a dismemberment abortion is watch this short video.


Black Abortions in America

To learn about the tragedy of minority abortions visit Genocide: Black Abortions in America.


Vote for Life

To learn why it is important to always vote prolife visit Vote for Life.