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TeenBreaks.comGetting through junior high, high school, and college can be tough.

Handling the relationships you have along the way can be even tougher!

Dealing with relationships that turn bad can cause feelings of resentment, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression, hurt, and any number of other things. Then many questions come up regarding sex, hooking up, pregnancy, and abortion.

TeenBreaks.com was created by teens and for teens to help teenagers dealing with pregnancy and abortion concerns.

Teens visiting TeenBreaks.com are given information and referrals on relationships, pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy choices, abortion, the abortion pill, parenting, adoption, and stories from other teens who have made all of these choices.

TeenBreaks.com provides an opportunity for teens to seek personal advice, ask questions, make comments, and provide their own personal story, as well as offering help hotlines for those who need professional help.

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