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Join the Rally on Wednesday

Stericycle is the nation’s largest medical waste hauler and a service provider nationally for Planned Parenthood and locally for Heritage Clinic for Women.

Join the curbside rally to call for an end to Stericycle’s partnership with the abortion industry on Wednesday, May 22, from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM at 103 76th Street SW in Grand Rapids.

A major protest will be held at the Stericycle annual stockholders’ meeting in Chicago on May 22, with concurrent protests at Stericycle locations around the country, including Grand Rapids.

Despite having an official company policy against hauling fetal remains, it has been documented that Stericycle continues to service Planned Parenthood and Heritage Clinic for Women. Moreover, investigators in several states have charged Stericycle with disposing of fetal waste in violation of state regulations.

It is important to remember that aborted babies are not medical waste, and that aborted babies deserve a proper burial.


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