Free ProLife Resources

Grand Rapids Right to Life offers free resources to churches, schools, and organizations within the Grand Rapids affiliate area. These items are offered to help educate on the sanctity of human life from fertilization until natural death

A Prolife Educational Expo Kit includes brochures, give-aways, local resources, 10-week fetal models, prayer cards, and much more to make your prolife display attractive and informative.

The Pregnancy Resource Card lists local agencies that offer life-affirming support for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

This easy-to-read Fetal Development Card highlights key points of growth from the moment of conception until birth and is appropriate for people of all ages.

Life Lessons offers 13 age-appropriate lesson plans for children from kindergarten to high school and helps educators communicate a genuine appreciation for the precious gift of human life.

This simple Prayer Booklet includes prolife prayers and concepts to ponder and is the perfect companion for praying at home or in front of the abortion facility.

This month-long Prayer Calendar offers a daily prompt of a prolife prayer to offer, such as for the conversation of abortionists and healing for men and women suffering from an abortion experience.