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Read Our Blog

Check out our blog for a quick read on a prolife topic!

Guest writers have submitted personal stories with a fresh perspective on some old themes.

One young lady wrote about the “mistake” of an unplanned pregnancy experienced by her mother.

A high school student shared his experiences praying in front of the local abortion facility.

A man described his feelings when discovering that he had a moral responsibility as a new father to teach his young children about the life issues.

One woman remembered the jars filled with human babies at various stages of fetal development that used to be on display at public museums.

A heartbroken mother realized the beautiful humanity of preborn babies when her precious son died at 14 weeks gestation.

One writer compared the lives of two single women in 1975 who found themselves pregnant and the different “choices” they made.

These stories are heartfelt, insightful, and short! So curl up in front of your computer on a hot summer afternoon and … read our blog!

Have a story? Care to share? Feel free to submit your personal experiences for consideration.