To End Abortion … We Must Act

To End Abortion ... We Must Act

Prayer isn’t enough for the prolife movement.

God created the universe. Everything in existence is completely under his power. God created man, too, and created us in His image. That wasn’t the end of the story, however. For reasons inscrutable to us — and constantly argued between us — we have the ability to act or not to act.

Throughout the Bible, we are instructed to pray. Pray without ceasing. Ask, and it shall be given. Pray always. Pray for one another. When we pray, we take ourselves out of the din and clamor of this world and focus our mind on our creator, through whom we receive every blessing, even our very existence. But that’s not the end of the story.

Throughout the Bible the moments where God acts decisively are accompanied by action from His followers. Can you think of one that isn’t, except creation itself?

The Exodus? Moses didn’t tell his people to stay put and God will fix everything for them. At many stages it was a cooperative process; from the Passover, to the flight from Pharaoh’s soldiers, to Moses parting the Red Sea. Moses didn’t do it without God, but he did it with Him.

The Israelites had to walk around Jericho before the walls fell. Esther had to speak with the king to help save her people. Nehemiah had to organize work crews to rebuild the walls and temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus’ ministry was no different. Imagine him telling Peter and Andrew to just keep praying in their boat instead of inviting them to become fishers of men. Imagine Paul simply praying for the many churches he looked after rather than writing to them, admonishing and encouraging them. Jesus’ final instructions weren’t stay and pray, but “go!”

To end abortion, we must pray. We must also act. For prolife believers, we must recognize that the gospel doesn’t spread itself. God gives us the sun, dirt, seeds, and favorable growing conditions. We still have to sow and reap the harvest ourselves. To end our national abortion nightmare, we must go forth and help those being led to destruction.