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Protect Your Legacy

In a culture of death, what can men do to protect their legacy?

Abortion is not simply a woman’s issue! 61% of women say the most influential person in their decision about an unplanned pregnancy is the father of their child.

With that in mind, even if a couple would never consider abortion an option, think about how much a husband’s support means to his wife. She relies on his strength, protection, and leadership. The way a man behaves with his wife also influences their children; sons learn how to act toward women, and daughters observe how they should be treated by men.

Dads have a profound impact on the long-term well-being of their children. He is their first and best male role model, and studies show that the more involved a dad is, the more likely it is his children will be self-confident, well-grounded, and successful in school, relationships, and marriage. Research even suggests that children are more likely to be churchgoers as adults if their fathers are actively practicing their faith.

Boys learn how to be men by watching their fathers. Dads know firsthand the challenges of being good men in a hostile culture, and they are best equipped to guide their sons through the difficult transition into manhood.

Girls with strong fathers have higher self-esteem and are less likely to fall into destructive behaviors as teenagers. When dad is a girl’s “first love,” he fulfills her innate need for affirmation and affection. Young women without involved fathers are more likely to seek affirmation elsewhere, increasing their risk for sexual promiscuity and the many negative consequences attached.

Men who do not have children still have the ability to stand up against the Culture of Death in other ways. Pregnancy resource centers are often looking for men to help mentor dads. Many churches and schools have programs for kids who need good role models. Teachers and coaches have unique opportunities to build healthy relationships with children who might not have strong fathers at home.

In a world desperate for the witness of strong, faithful men, you are needed. No matter your station in life, your age, or your talents, you are needed. Protect your legacy. Stand for LIFE.