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A Letter to My Mothers

I can’t adequately express how broken my heart has been over these marches for “women’s rights.”  Women everywhere are demanding the right to murder their own flesh and blood.  How are more people not repulsed by this?

Women are complaining that President Trump is not their president, but what they don’t think about is all of those potential candidates that they could have voted for if they hadn’t murdered them.  You can’t legitimately complain when you’re the reason we have fewer options.

I know people will call me naïve and close-minded for having this viewpoint, but I couldn’t really care less because I’m one of the lucky kids who was given a chance at life.

Do you really think my biological mother wasn’t terrified when she realized she was pregnant?  She was just a kid!  Did people suggest she abort me?  Absolutely!  But instead, she mustered up the strength — strength that most of those women marching could only dream of — and she brought me into this world.

Then, as if she wasn’t already courageous enough, she painfully gave me to a family who had been torn to shreds by numerous miscarriages and who desperately wanted a baby to love and cherish.  If you ask me, she is the epitome of feminine strength.

So to my mothers – the one who allowed me to live in her tummy and the one who loved me as if I had grown in hers – thank you.

Thank you for teaching me to be strong and brave without making me think I have to tear down authority figures just to do so.  Thank you for teaching me that being a lady is an honor.  Thank you for being living examples of true strength.

Thank you for letting me live.

And finally, to every woman who has had her heart broken beyond comprehension due to a miscarriage; I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you have had to watch thousands of women demand the freedom to murder children when you would give anything to be snuggling a precious little soul right now.  I’m sorry for the insensitivity of those women who don’t realize that the creation of a human being is a miraculous and beautiful thing.

You, my friends, are the true female warriors.