All in the Name of Choice?

Recently, I was asked to address prolife church members at an event. I was instructed to encourage and equip them for another battle season for those who cannot fight for themselves — the unborn, the disabled, and all those deemed “unfit for life” by those in power. It sounded easy enough, or so I thought.

Behaviors Have Consequences

“Don’t have sex … unless you are prepared to have a baby.” Those were wise words from an old high school teacher. The message was clear that there are consequences to behaviors.

Hamas in Israel … Abortion at Home

Why are pro-abortionists appalled and angry? Every day, pro-abortionists worldwide do not have any problem ripping off the limbs and crushing the skulls of human babies still developing in the safety of their mother’s wombs, yet when Hamas beheads a baby sleeping in her crib, they are aghast.

Gen Z, God, and Abortion

“Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me,” declared William Wilberforce, a British politician and leader in the abolition of the slave trade. Wilberforce was horrified by the widespread humanitarian crisis, and he could not stand by and let injustice ensue.

Why is the Church Hiding?

I’ve worked on collecting signatures for various Right to Life petitions for years. The last few years, many who have worked on these campaigns have noticed how difficult it has been to engage our own prolife churches in this cause.

One Brief, Shining Moment

In ancient history, some cultures sacrificed children to their “gods”. Succeeding generations were appalled by this practice and wondered how anyone could do that. Fast forward to 1973, when the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade, and abortion-on-demand became legal nationwide.

Tribute to a Wounded Warrior

On September 20, an 83-year-old woman was shot with a gun while passing out pamphlets on Proposal 3, which will be on the ballot in the November 8 election.  I don’t know this brave woman, but I share the history behind her zeal to inform voters about a destructive proposal.

Our Daughters Deserve Better

My daughter wants her ears double pierced. We have had many discussions about the best place for the procedure, someplace reputable and clean; when to have it done, so it doesn’t interfere with her sports seasons; and risks and restrictions, because infections happen and lake swimming is not allowed.

The Staunch Ideology of Abortion

Several years ago, we were setting up a display for the Women’s Expo at DeVos Place. Although only 10 feet x 10 feet, we were making our booth interactive, colorful, inviting, and informative. Not an easy task, but we had three full days to engage thousands of West Michigan women.

Life is Never a Mistake

My father often tells me, “Words tell, but stories teach.” What I am about to tell you is true, and though I have kept it brief, my hope is you will learn something from it.

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