Tribute to a Wounded Warrior

On September 20, an 83-year-old woman was shot with a gun while passing out pamphlets on Proposal 3, which will be on the ballot in the November 8 election.  I don’t know this brave woman, but I share the history behind her zeal to inform voters about a destructive proposal.

Our Daughters Deserve Better

My daughter wants her ears double pierced. We have had many discussions about the best place for the procedure, someplace reputable and clean; when to have it done, so it doesn’t interfere with her sports seasons; and risks and restrictions, because infections happen and lake swimming is not allowed.

The Staunch Ideology of Abortion

Several years ago, we were setting up a display for the Women’s Expo at DeVos Place. Although only 10 feet x 10 feet, we were making our booth interactive, colorful, inviting, and informative. Not an easy task, but we had three full days to engage thousands of West Michigan women.

Life is Never a Mistake

My father often tells me, “Words tell, but stories teach.” What I am about to tell you is true, and though I have kept it brief, my hope is you will learn something from it.

The Ultimate Betrayal

It took me 16 years and a second abortion to regret my first. I was raised in church. While growing up, my mom taught me how to put on the Armor of God, but the world waged war against my morals and, for a period of time, the world won.

The First Responsibility

I am the proud father of two wonderful kids. Being “Dad” to Javen and Kendall is one of my greatest blessings and is a responsibility I embrace whole-heartedly. Even during my wife’s pregnancies I started to think about the role of being provider and protector of my new family.

No One was Clapping

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that abortion was now legal. It was 1973, and I was a senior in high school. The entire student body was seated in the auditorium for a school function when they announced over the intercom that the U.S. Supreme Court had just legalized abortion.

Boldness Mixed with Naivete

I am a firm believer in sharing the prolife message in simple ways … bumper stickers, checks, e-mail signature lines, and T-shirts. I am not, however, particularly comfortable in all situations wearing a prolife message emblazoned on my body.

Can’t Cancel Personal Relationships

It has been a challenging start to 2021. The prolife movement no longer has a friend in the White House. Governor Whitmer’s ever-changing edicts make gatherings difficult. Even the March for Life in Washington, DC, was canceled.

Those Jars

When I was in elementary school, before abortion was legal, our class went on a field trip to the public museum. I don’t remember much about the displays we saw except for the jars that contained babies before they were born.

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