Could Birth Control End Abortion?

People who support abortion often claim that to decrease the number of abortions we should embrace artificial contraception. While Grand Rapids Right to Life doesn’t take a position on birth control, it does play some role in the matter of abortion that cannot be denied.

I Would Do It All Again

I had my son at 15 years old … just three weeks shy of my sixteenth birthday. I found out when I was two months’ pregnant after taking several home pregnancy tests. My son’s dad and I discussed our options, and we were very determined to have our child.

Our Prayer Each Night

In the United States, there are approximately two million infertile couples waiting to adopt. Many times these couples are happy to adopt regardless of a child’s medical condition, such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection, or terminal illness.

But What About Rape?

I’ve long held the belief that life begins at conception regardless of the circumstances of that conception. However, when around others who are more tentatively prolife, I have often been nervous to speak up. That all changed after a weekend youth retreat.

A Baby was Saved

It isn’t every day that life comes full circle. It also isn’t every day that you are able to save a life.

Inspiration from the Holocaust

How do we stay motivated to work harder and more diligently on behalf of the unborn? To gain inspiration, I look at history. I am a World War II history buff. I enjoy reading and learning about the Greatest Generation, the war, and the efforts of those who helped others during those years.

My Body … My Choice?

“My Body, My Choice.” It’s a slogan used not only on signs held by those who would defend Planned Parenthood on a sidewalk or protest at the March for Life, but in opinion pieces found in major publications and even in political campaigns.

A Letter to My Mothers

I can’t adequately express how broken my heart has been over these marches for “women’s rights.”  Women everywhere are demanding the right to murder their own flesh and blood.  How are more people not repulsed by this?

Protect Your Legacy

In a culture of death, what can men do to protect their legacy? Abortion is not simply a woman’s issue! 61% of women say the most influential person in their decision about an unplanned pregnancy is the father of their child.

To End Abortion … We Must Act

Prayer isn’t enough for the prolife movement. God created the universe. Everything in existence is completely under his power. God created man, too, and created us in His image. That wasn’t the end of the story, however.

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