My Body … My Choice?

“My Body, My Choice.” It’s a slogan used not only on signs held by those who would defend Planned Parenthood on a sidewalk or protest at the March for Life, but in opinion pieces found in major publications and even in political campaigns.

A Letter to My Mothers

I can’t adequately express how broken my heart has been over these marches for “women’s rights.”  Women everywhere are demanding the right to murder their own flesh and blood.  How are more people not repulsed by this?

Protect Your Legacy

In a culture of death, what can men do to protect their legacy? Abortion is not simply a woman’s issue! 61% of women say the most influential person in their decision about an unplanned pregnancy is the father of their child.

To End Abortion … We Must Act

Prayer isn’t enough for the prolife movement. God created the universe. Everything in existence is completely under his power. God created man, too, and created us in His image. That wasn’t the end of the story, however.

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