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Breakfast Crowd Enjoys Hekman’s Stories

More than 100 people attended the annual Focus on Life Breakfast at The Bluff Banquet Center on Wednesday, May 10.

Randall Hekman, former assistant prosecuting attorney and Kent County Probate-Juvenile Court judge, was the keynote speaker. He shared stories about his time on the bench, including a difficult time when a young woman sought a judicial bypass to abort her baby.

With his wife Marcia, Hekman currently runs a non-profit ministry seeking spiritual awakening in West Michigan called The Grand Awakening.

Patty Korte, chairman of the board of Grand Rapids Right to Life, introduced Hekman with a personal story. She reminisced about a time when a female relative placed her child for adoption. Appearing in court before Judge Hekman, he compassionately told the young woman that she was making a beautiful, selfless decision.

This educational event offered those in attendance an opportunity to reserve a table for the Focus on Life Benefit Dinner in the fall, which will feature keynote speaker Michelle Malkin, conservative blogger and Fox News analyst.