Live It

Would you save me if I were a puppy?

It’s time to “Live It”.

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She was my best choice.

We all must “Live It”.

People of all ages, faiths, socio-economic backgrounds, and races must be a part of the movement to protect the precious gift of human life.

Sperm + Egg = Human Life

You can “Live It” … by helping to protect human life.

  • Become a member of Grand Rapids Right to Life.
  • Vote for life in every election.

You can “Live It” … by sharing the message of life.

  • Invite a friend to attend an event with you.
  • Talk about life issues with your family members.

You can “Live It” … by sponsoring our billboards.

  • $200 will support one billboard for one week.
  • $  25 will sponsor one billboard for one day.

To educate and engage the community, Grand Rapids Right to Life is placing six heartfelt, scientifically accurate, thought-provoking billboards around the city. Locations change monthly. Messages change quarterly. These six billboards are seen weekly almost 390,000 times.