DJ Zarnosky Award

Olivia Ammerman

The DJ Zarnosky Life Leadership Award and a $1,000 scholarship is presented each spring to a high school senior who has exhibited outstanding leadership in the prolife movement.

This award is named to honor the memory of Dennis Joseph Zarnosky, who died in a tragic car accident in 2000.  DJ was only 16 when he died; however, he was always a passionate supporter of life and was determined to make a difference in the world.

Steve and Sandy Zarnosky, DJ’s parents, were blessed by his life and and they continue to be enriched and encouraged by memories of his spirit and by the young award recipients who are carrying on his legacy of support for the prolife movement.

Award Criteria

  • High school senior at time of application deadline
  • Active involvement with Grand Rapids Right to Life
  • Completed application

Application Process

  • Download and complete the application form (coming soon).
  • Submit the application by April 15.

Previous Recipients

  • 2019 – Olivia Ammerman
  • 2018 – Clare Lindgren
  • 2017 – Mary Lindgren
  • 2016 – David Bridge
  • 2014 – Madeleine Jepsen, Colleen Lyons
  • 2013 – Katie DeVries
  • 2011 – Kate Hendrick, Gus Wasinski
  • 2009 – Rachel Dupont
  • 2008 – Abbey Luebke, Theresa Wasinski, Anna Worm
  • 2007 – Mari Colleen Emmerson, Gabriel Johnson
  • 2005 – Stacy Conson
  • 2004 – Bobby Bellamy, Kristina Honore, Kim Palasek
  • 2003 – Jennifer Coon, Jamie Heeringa, Lindsey Thompson
  • 2002 – Kyle Colter, Amanda Diephouse, Andrea LaForge, Kara Lenhart, Tim Morin, Shannon Wasco
  • 2001 – Brandon Gasper