Every church can have a positive, life-affirming impact in their faith community. Grand Rapids Right to Life is a helpful source to provide educational materials, free resources, and encouragement as we work together to create a culture of life in our community.


There are a variety of ways that your church can take active steps to be involved with the prolife movement.

Promote Upcoming Events
Ask to receive a monthly postcard encouraging participation at educational and motivational events.

Host a Coins for Kids Baby Bottle Drive
The money raised supports our prolife outreach and the work of five local pregnancy centers.

Get Involved


The ability to change hearts and minds toward a culture of life requires educating people of all ages on the life issues.

Book a Speaker
A trained speaker will give a free presentation customized for your specific group.

Request a P.E.E.K. Box
Create an attractive prolife educational display using these free brochures, give-aways, and fetal models.

Distribute Pregnancy Resource Cards
Promote local agencies that offer life-affirming support for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Share Fetal Development Cards
These easy-to-read cards highlight key points from the moment of conception until birth.



Grand Rapids Right to Life offers ongoing events that promote the precious gift of human life.

Annual Calendar
Encourage your congregation to attend and be a part of these inspiring events.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are numerous ways to volunteer. Youth are especially welcome to help at Bike & Hike Festival for Life and the fall dinner.

Plan Ahead


Church Representatives are needed from every congregation to share the message of life.

Be the One
Facilitate communication between Grand Rapids Right to Life and your church.

It’s Simple
Promote participation in events and encourage educational programs for your church.

Be a Church Rep


Churches can get involved with the social justice issues of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.

What Churches Can Do
Churches do not have to remain silent. It is vital to advocate for the vulnerable and to inform church members about social issues.

Vote ProLife
Voting is a democratic way of ensuring that people in all levels of government protect vulnerable human life.

Social Justice


Faithfulness to the word of God is the most important reason for speaking out on abortion and life issues.

Preaching the ProLife Message
Abortion and euthanasia are moral issues, and a pastor can guide people toward true respect for all human life.

Love Protects Life
All faith communities are encouraged to select one Sunday in October to speak with one voice on one message.