Babies and Puppies

Would you save me if I were a puppy?As God’s creatures and loyal pets, puppies ought to be protected from harm. Thankfully Michigan has many laws that make it illegal to abuse, abandon, neglect, or mistreat an animal. Unfortunately, the law does not protect unborn humans as well as it protects puppies.

Who should be killed ... a baby or a puppy?THE KILLING OF ANIMALS

A person can be charged with a felony in Michigan if they

  • intentionally kill or torture an animal,
  • recklessly endanger an animal, or
  • threaten to kill or torture an animal to exert control over another person.


Voters passed Proposal 3 on November 8, 2022, making it legal in Michigan to kill a child in the womb until the moment of birth.

Locally, at Heritage Clinic for Women, the abortionist

  • offers medical abortions up to 10 weeks,
  • performs Suction Curettage abortions from 4 weeks 6 days to 14 weeks, and
  • performs Dilation & Evacuation abortions from 15 weeks to 22 weeks.

All forms of abortion are cruel and unnecessary.

Who should be poisoned ... a baby or a puppy?POISONING ANIMALS

It’s a felony in Michigan to poison an animal intentionally. It’s a misdemeanor to leave poison in a place where someone else’s animals are likely to eat it. (Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 750.50b, 750.437 (2019).)


Thankfully, most abortionists no longer poison unborn babies through Saline Injection abortions.

This cruel and painful form of abortion is rarely used anymore because some children were born alive after this procedure. Prolife advocates Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden have shared their stories of surviving abortion.

What are the penalties for killing a baby or a puppy?PENALTY FOR KILLING AN ANIMAL

Penalties for torturing or killing an animal vary, depending on the circumstances and whether the animal was a pet. Anyone found guilty of torturing or killing a companion animal in order to control or terrorize someone can face up to ten years in prison, a $5,000 fine, and/or 500 hours of community service. (Mich. Comp. Laws § 750.50b (2019).)


There is no penalty in Michigan for procuring or performing an abortion. The Coercive Abortion Prevention Act (2016), however, makes it illegal to coerce someone into having an abortion.

Research confirms that a substantial number of women feel forced by boyfriends, spouses, parents, and others to have an abortion against their will. Women are coerced through threats of physical violence, withdrawal of financial support, loss of housing, and violation of employment contracts or other legal agreements.

How can we protect babies and puppies?NO-KILL SHELTERS FOR ANIMALS

Michigan has many no-kill shelters that care for animals until they find a forever home with an adoptive family.


Michigan has a Safe Delivery law that allows parents to safely surrender their newborn child, no more than 72 hours old, to an employee who is inside and on duty at any hospital, fire department, police station, or by calling 911. This program is a safe, legal, and anonymous alternative to abandonment or infanticide and releases the newborn for placement with an adoptive family.

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