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Barton Motivates and Impresses Crowd

On Tuesday, May 15, Grand Rapids Right to Life sponsored an educational event at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary on the campus of Cornerstone University. Ordained minister, millennial, and history buff Tim Barton flew in from Texas to speak on “Our Constitutional (& Prolife) Heritage.”

With his unique presentation style and powerful visuals, Barton spoke about America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our religious, moral, constitutional, and prolife heritage.

Almost 100 people attended, from children to senior adults, and all were inspired to be active in the community to promote and preserve a constitutional and prolife culture.

Following the presentation, attendees were able to purchase items from Barton’s organization, Wallbuilders. Barton also stayed for another hour to speak with anyone who had a question or comment.

Photos from Our Constitutional (& Prolife) Heritage may be viewed on the Grand Rapids Right to Life Flickr page.