Students Write Compelling Essays


The fifth annual Prolife Essay Contest was open to students in grades 7-9 in the junior category and students in grades 10-12 in the senior category.

In the senior division, eleventh-graders Emma DeNooy won first place and Joshua Haskell won second place. In the junior contest, Grace Kohane and Maria Worrell, both in seventh grade, won first and second place respectively. Their essays articulated personal and logical reasons why each student is personally prolife.

DeNooy talked about the local abortion clinic and the heartbreaking decision that women who abort their children make. “Outside that drab building that so few notice, I have seen what abortion really does,” wrote DeNooy. “I have witnessed its tragic aftermath. I have watched hurting women leave hurting even more. I have grieved the devastating effects abortion has on babies and their mothers.”

Discussing the dignity of every human life, Kohane wrote, “Even though [my grandmother] cannot tell you what day it is, or might repeat stories, she still brings a smile and much joy to people around her. She is a great hugger and loves getting hugs, too, and even without her great attributes, she should have the right to life.”

The winners received monetary prizes and their essays were submitted to the National Right to Life competition.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!