Church, Politics, and Life

Did you know, no church has ever lost its tax exempt status for being politically active? That’s right! There has never been a church in U.S. history that has lost its tax status for being involved in politics. So why do churches shy away from anything even remotely political?

Society has been conditioned to believe that churches are not allowed to have a voice on things that are happening in government. But politics is an area where churches actually have more rights than we think. There has been a great push to get God and religion out of the government. As a result, many people have interpreted the opposite to be the same … that churches cannot talk about political issues.

Yet it is imperative that churches start addressing prolife issues.

Churches can actually do almost anything with politics except specifically endorse candidates. They can talk about important issues, such as the dignity of all human life; hand out voter information, including documents indicating which candidates are prolife; and take a stance on legislation, particularly when important prolife bills are being considered. These can all be effective in promoting public policy when it comes to protecting life.

Churches should not be scared to take a stand from a Biblical perspective on critical issues that have been placed in the political arena, such as the right to life. Legislation often dictates behavior. We have seen this very clearly with the legalization of abortion.

This being said, churches are called to reach the world for Christ. Most churches, however, have drawn the line at no involvement in political issues whether out of fear or convenience. Churches should stand boldly for truth and be a moral compass for society. Taking a stand on what is happening culturally and politically is a way for them to do this.

In the end, churches are called to obey God before government.

Even if they had to, every church should be prepared to forfeit their tax exempt status for the sake of truth. Truth is more important than tax status. No church should hold tax status as a higher priority than following God. To paraphrase one of the Founders, evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Churches have a duty to lead society on the issues of the day, and nothing is more important than the issue of life.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!