DeNooy Delights with Oratory Speech

Emma DeNooy (front center)

Despite only one student competing in the 30th annual High School Oratory Contest sponsored by Grand Rapids Right to Life, Emma DeNooy gave an inspiring speech that included humor, statistics, and a moving personal story.

DeNooy, a homeschooled junior, received a $150 scholarship for her presentation.

Her almost seven-minute speech detailed her adoption from a Chinese orphanage into a loving, prolife family. Explaining the brutal and heartless “one child policy” in China, DeNooy stated that her adopted parents gave her something she could never have had in China … three Chinese sisters!

Carla Ludwig, founder of Hope for Single Moms, served as the judge and gave constructive feedback and high praise to DeNooy for her research, storytelling abilities, and delightful presentation style.

DeNooy competed in the State High School Oratory Contest, which was held on April 27, and placed third from a field of 15 participants.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!