Henke Wins Prolife Youth Award

Anna Henke

Anna Henke, a senior at Plymouth Christian High School, was honored with the 2019 Grand Rapids Right to Life Prolife Youth Award. Henke won a $150 scholarship and was nominated for Right to Life of Michigan’s $500 award.

Applicants for the award were required to write a short essay on what this generation can do to promote a positive prolife message and to list their prolife involvement during their high school career.

In her essay, Henke discussed the need to make abortion utterly unthinkable. To fight abortion, Henke was adamant that young people need to be educated and that they need to act.

“The prolife movement is in need of people who can articulate the prolife message well and with winsomeness,” she wrote. “It is also in need of people willing to take action and bring the anti-abortion message to the pro-choice culture.”

Henke started a prolife group at her high school, and she co-founded the Pre-Born Justice Coalition, which is a community group in Grand Rapids that generates conversations with passersby on the issue of abortion. She also hosted a Coins for Kids baby bottle drive that raised more than $3,700 for Grand Rapids Right to Life and five local pregnancy centers that offer material goods to women and children.

Henke plans to continue her studies at Grand Valley State University in the fall.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!