Billboard Promotes Post-Abortion Healing

During April, Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, Grand Rapids Right to Life placed two digital billboards around the city and one vinyl billboard on Alpine Avenue.

The digital billboards changed location each week, and the vinyl billboard was very visible and close to the road where 68,000 cars passed each week.

The billboard message offered help and healing from an abortion experience.

Studies have shown that women suffer both physical and psychological harm from abortion. Physically, a woman may experience infection, cervical lacerations, uterine or bowel perforations, pelvic inflammatory disease, future infertility, and possibly death. Psychologically, a mother who has had an abortion may suffer from anxiety, guilt, pain, depression, irritability, anger, sleep difficulties, nightmares, withdrawal from relationships, pessimism, drug or alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

The billboards promoted a toll free number in Michigan. Any person who calls this number will be counseled and directed to a local prolife agency that can help with a crisis pregnancy situation or guided to an abortion healing ministry in the caller’s area.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!