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Stericycle Protest Educates Community

More than 40 people participated in the National Stericycle Protest hosted locally by Grand Rapids Right to Life. MLive, WZZM-13, and Fox17 covered the event on Wednesday, May 22.

Stericycle is the nation’s largest medical waste hauler. Despite having an official company policy against transporting fetal remains, Stericycle still holds contracts with many abortion clinics. They are the service provider nationally for Planned Parenthood and locally for Heritage Clinic for Women

Sadly, the body of an aborted baby is considered medical waste, and treated as such, by the abortion industry. Human rights and dignity are not afforded the child killed by abortion. Several states have charged Stericycle with disposing of fetal remains in violation of state regulations.

Grand Rapids Right to Life created signs that said Babies Deserve a Proper Burial and Babies Are Not Medical Waste.

This public protest was a chance to increase awareness about how aborted baby bodies are treated as medical waste. The national rallies called for Stericycle to end their contracts with the abortion business and for aborted babies to be given a proper burial.

Photos from the Stericycle Protest can be viewed on the Grand Rapids Right to Life Flickr page.