Two Women; Two Choices

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade court case resulted in the legalization of abortion in this country. Some people thought that since it was legal that made it okay. At that time, nobody had any idea how many abortions would occur. Now, 47 years later, more than 60 million babies have been aborted.

I want to share a story about two girlfriends, both African-American, in 1975. This story is based on facts. Linda and Gail were both single and had good jobs. They were both sexually active and both got pregnant a few months apart.

When Linda found out she was pregnant, she did not want to tell her family and did not tell her boyfriend. Linda decided that she did not want the baby. She decided that the time was not right for her to have a child. She felt that she would later marry and have children then. Linda had an abortion before her pregnancy started to show.

When Gail found out that she was pregnant, she never considered abortion. Her biggest problem was telling her mother. Although disappointed, her mother almost immediately switched into “baby” mode. She was very supportive, and Gail had a healthy baby girl. The baby’s father was never involved, leaving Gail to cope as a single parent.

Life went on for both women. Neither ever married. They both continued working at the same job until retirement. Neither ever got pregnant again. Fast forward 47 years to today. They are both 70 years old.

Linda now lives alone. She has family close by — siblings, nieces, nephews — but she admits that the abortion was the biggest mistake of her life. Although she has not had a bad life, there are so many things that she did not get to experience. She really wanted to be a mother.

Gail centered her life around her daughter. She wanted to get married but never found the right man. Her daughter married and had four children. Gail loved being a mother but loved being a grandmother even more. Her grandkids are the joy of her life.

Being a parent is a very important profession. No matter what difficulties arise — and there can be many — a parent loves their child. Even parents who have children with difficulties will tell you what a joy their children are for them. You will not hear them say, “I wish you were never born.”

Life is constantly throwing us curves. An unplanned pregnancy is a huge curve, but “life” is the better choice.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!