Action Motivated by Love

I looked up from the muddy grass in front of my feet and my enemy caught my gaze. I shot a determined stare at the building before me as rainwater trickled into my green eyes. It was small; only one story. Its newly painted cream walls had an unthreatening, almost benevolent aroma. The welcoming front doors and decorated windows seemed to resemble that of a children’s hospital.

I, however, was far from naive. Likewise, neither were the several other high school students adjacent to me on the slippery sidewalk.

This activity of silent prayer in front of the abortion clinic started as only an idea. I had asked some friends what they thought, and they had joined me immediately in this weekly endeavor. However, it had quickly grown into something more than a gathering of two or three. Today, nineteen other students had joined me in a battle that they felt was important. There we stood, in the pouring rain. The majority of us were shivering in thin, short-sleeved shirts, yet these warriors refused to retreat. Their hope for the dawn of a day in which society embraced a culture of life was enough to keep them warm.

I used to think that taking action simply meant being vocal. I wrote a few wordy comments on Instagram, got into a few debates, and engaged in a few intellectually enriching conversations. However, a realization soon hit me like a bag of bricks. My beliefs were empty without works to support them. My eyes were quickly opened to the fact that taking action motivated by love is so much more important and effective than simply being opinionated.

Through participation in events similar to this prayer at the abortion clinic, authentic action is the most effective way to promote a prolife message. Through our peaceful engagement in prayer, protest, and raising awareness, my generation will not only take ground in this enduring battle, but we will also make it clear to the world what it means to be the good guys. Through our loving smiles and adoption of joy amidst the eye of the hurricane, we will demonstrate that life is beautiful and ought to be valued. Through actions driven by hope rather than fear, control rather than anger, and love rather than hate, we will show them what it means to be prolife. And, through this grounded motivation, we will win the war.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!