Fierce Competition at Oratory Contest

Ethan, Jesus, Emily, Sophia

It was a close competition as four students participated in the 31st annual Grand Rapids Right to Life High School Oratory Contest on Tuesday, March 3. Ethan Huizen, a homeschooled freshman, won the competition and received a $200 scholarship.

The judges were captivated by Huizen’s presentation, which was entirely memorized. He spoke about euthanasia and supported his arguments with many statistics. He concluded his speech with a story about his great-grandmother and how things would have been much different if euthanasia had been legal in Michigan. “Her quality of life was often poor,” Huizen explained, “and she hated to be a burden on other people. Yet her life was so precious, no matter how feeble she was.”

Sophia Meyer placed second and received a $150 scholarship. Her talk focused on the stories of abortion survivors. “We need to put faces on the name of abortion,” she pleaded. “No matter how far along a pregnant woman is, that baby is not just ‘a bunch of cells clumped together’ but a living and breathing human being that God has created.”

Emily Ranschaert and Jesus Gonzalez tied for third place and each received a $100 scholarship. Both gave presentations on abortion

Ranschaert explained the devastating effect abortion has had on humanity This “unborn child will never see the world. They will never taste the sweet feeling of success, never work through failure, never have a calm, ordinary day just working, playing, building, caring.”

Gonzalez defended the sanctity of human life with good analogies. He argued that people may consider abortion “for a child who might be born ill or deformed. Still, that doesn’t mean we should kill him or her. It’s almost like saying we should kill people with Alzheimer’s because they are living a terrible life.”

All five contestants were meticulously prepared, well spoken, and deeply passionate about the right to life.

Ethan Huizen will compete in the State High School Oratory Contest, which will be held May 16 in Holt.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!