Essay Winners Defend Prolife Values

Liliana and John

Students from a variety of schools and from every grade level participated in the seventh annual Prolife Essay Contest. The junior division was open to students in grades 7-9 and the senior division involved students in grades 10-12.

In the senior contest, Liliana Zylstra and Hailey Siwek, both seniors, won first and second place respectively. In the junior competition, seventh-grader John Marchinda placed first and ninth-grader Perpetua Phelps placed second.

Contestants had to write an essay explaining why they were personally prolife.

When clarifying why abortion was wrong, Zylstra employed reasoning and shared Gianna Jessen’s story of surviving a saline abortion. “I am prolife because I believe that Gianna Jessen had rights when she was being brutally tortured in her mother’s womb,” Zylstra wrote. “We can’t kill adults because they are inconvenient, unwanted, or vulnerable. There is no morally relevant difference between the adult that Gianna Jessen is today and the unborn baby she was in 1977.”

Marchinda revealed personal experiences he and his family had while praying in front of an abortion facility. “I want everyone in the world to be able to know love, joy, and all the wonders of life,” Marchinda expounded. “We need to help people learn what it means to value life and teach them how and why to be prolife.”

The winners received monetary prizes and all essays received were submitted to the National Right to Life competition.

Laura A.

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