Those Jars

When I was in elementary school, before abortion was legal, our class went on a field trip to the public museum. I don’t remember much about the displays we saw except for the jars that contained babies before they were born.

There was one jar with a label that read “6 weeks”, another baby in a jar was labeled “3 months”, still another “5 months”, and “7 months”. I don’t remember the exact number of jars lined up on the shelf inside that glass case, but I learned about fetal development on that trip, even before sex education was part of the curriculum in schools.

The jars held dashed hopes, broken dreams, and sorrow for the parents who could not raise those babies … babies who died before they were born.

At some point, probably after abortion became legal, those jars were removed from the public museum.

I sometimes lament the fact that the museum didn’t keep those jars, and that many young people are unaware of the stages of fetal development. Sex education must not, I conclude, teach about fetal development. A young woman, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy and not knowing where to turn, could easily fall victim to the lies of abortionists if she is told that her baby is only a piece of tissue, or not a baby yet, or would just disrupt her education and her future.

If only museums had those jars …

However, if museums had those jars today, many people might mistake the contents of the jars for aborted babies rather than the results of miscarriages. Few people know that aborted babies’ bodies would not be intact but dismembered, show fatal wounds, or be chemically burned.

Whether a baby dies from a miscarriage or an abortion, the parents will grieve. Grief is like a two-sided coin. Loss can lead us to turn to God with our broken hearts or to turn from Him in anger. When a post-abortive woman admits through her tears that she had an abortion and doesn’t want another woman to experience the same pain, healing has begun for her. When a woman talks about her “right to her own body” and that abortion is a right, there is often anger and bitterness at the root of her words.

Clever rhetoric that disguises what an abortion really is is rampant. The truth about abortion is that a baby is killed before it is born and the parents will grieve and carry the guilt of their decision.

If only we had those jars …

Maybe someday, when the madness of killing our young before birth ends and becomes the story of a lengthy bad chapter in our nation’s history, we will have a holocaust museum; a museum that shows the horror of what a modern society is capable of and to remind us never to commit these atrocities again.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!