Remarkable Writers Win Scholarships

2022 ProLife Essay Contest Winners

Margaret, Carly, Kyla, Evy

More than 20 students from a variety of schools submitted entries to the eighth annual Prolife Essay Contest. The junior division was open to students in grades 7-9 and the senior division involved students in grades 10-12.

In the senior contest, Margaret Duba and Carly Scheurer, both seniors, won first and second place respectively. In the junior competition, ninth-grader Kyla Koestner placed first and eighth-grader Evy Koops placed second.

Contestants had to write an essay explaining why they were personally prolife.

In an extremely well-written essay, Duba explained how her Catholic upbringing formed her prolife beliefs and how science and morality strengthened that philosophy.

“With the scientific knowledge that a new, unique life is formed at conception, and the understanding that no changes to that life’s DNA take place through pregnancy and birth,” she argued,” we know that the rights afforded to an infant should be the same as those given to a baby in any stage of development.”

Koestner shared the story of a high school girl who was encouraged by her dance coach to abort her unborn child. With the help of a pregnancy care center, the young woman chose adoption for her child. “But it wasn’t easy,” Koestner revealed. “It felt as if everywhere she went she carried a scarlet letter. When anyone looked at her she hung her head.”

The loving option of adoption, however, allowed a childless couple to raise the baby and gave the young woman a chance to finish school, become a doctor, get married, and have six other children, the oldest of whom was the essay’s author.

The winners received monetary prizes and all essays received were submitted to the National Right to Life competition.

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