Scholarships Send Students to DC

Gianna, Lillian, Lainey, Hope, Kimberlin

Five students won a March for Life scholarship by completing an application form and writing a short essay on how they will use the March for Life experience in their daily life.

The scholarships were applied to their bus trips from Michigan to Washington, DC, for the largest prolife gathering in the world.

Gianna Dugan, a senior, noted that “walking with thousands of others who share the same convictions is extremely powerful. It is a physical representation of the prolife cause. Praying, singing, and simply being with these people will strengthen my understanding of being prolife.”

Lillian Mantooth, a freshman, admitted, “I want to attend to share the energy of the March for life to others in small ways, because small ways will make a big difference.”

Lainey Roth, a junior, confirmed, “I am learning the value of life from conception until natural death and have an appreciation for every moment of the life God has given me. Attending the March for Life will serve to further ground me in these values and teach me even more about the equal rights of all humans.”

Hope Siwek, a junior, declared, “Thousands of people come together to fight for a common cause: preserving the lives of those who cannot defend themselves. Seeing the vast network of people from every demographic working in union for justice puts a renewed fervor into my efforts throughout the rest of the year to work for the end of abortion.”

Kimberlin Mayhew, a junior, stated that “the March for Life will allow me to march with other people who share the same beliefs and thoughts that I do. I will be able to connect and bond with others in a new way that I have never experienced.”

2022 marks the 49th, and hopefully the last, year of legalized abortion-on-demand in this country. The peaceful demonstration on this somber anniversary every year since 1973 is a witness to the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!