Car Caravan Honors the Unborn

Memorial Procession for the UnbornOn Sunday, January 16, Grand Rapids Right to Life hosted the Memorial Procession for the Unborn to honor and mourn the unborn babies killed by abortion since 1973.

This car caravan traveled along 28th Street from Wyoming to Cascade and back to Wyoming with prolife messages painted or taped to vehicle windows.

Almost 40 vehicles participated in the memorial procession. Each car was given a gift bag filled with educational information, Kent County abortion statistics, bookmarks, pens, and other items promoting the sanctity of human life.

Student volunteers helped distribute signs with messages such as Stop Abortion, 61 Million Babies Killed Since 1973, Never Forget the Unborn, 61 Million Babies Killed By Abortion, and Remember the Unborn. Some participants also displayed their own homemade signs with life-affirming messages.

Diapers and wipes were generously donated by participants for distribution to local pregnancy care centers.

Holy Family Radio aired a one-hour program featuring members of Grand Rapids Right to Life. From home or while driving in the procession, people could listen to a pro-life message. Pat Firlik, Thomas Lawrence, and Laura Alexandria discussed how Grand Rapids Right to Life educates the local community on the dignity of human life and activates prolife warriors to help end abortion.

Photos from the Memorial Procession for the Unborn can be viewed on the Grand Rapids Right to Life Flickr page.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!