Pastor Defends Prolife Position

Life in the 616 with Pastor PagetPastor Ray Paget presented a Biblical defense of the prolife position at the spring session of Life in the 616 on Thursday, April 28.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the Bible and years of preaching the prolife message from the pulpit, Pastor Paget gave a clear understanding of how God commands His people to protect and defend the precious gift of human life.

He also equipped those present with an answer to pro-abortion advocates who claim that Christians cannot proclaim God’s support for the prolife stance.

Pastor Paget has been involved in prolife ministry since 1987, and he currently serves as pastor of Emmanuel Free Church in Spring Lake.

Following his talk, many questions were asked and the conversation flowed freely among the guests who enjoyed a cup of coffee and easy fellowship.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!