The Staunch Ideology of Abortion

Staunch IdeologySeveral years ago, we were setting up a display for the Women’s Expo at DeVos Place. Although only 10 feet x 10 feet, we were making our booth interactive, colorful, inviting, and informative. Not an easy task, but we had three full days to engage thousands of West Michigan women. In our brief interactions with them, we hoped to entice, involve, and educate them about Grand Rapids Right to Life and the sad situation of abortion in our community.

At the center of our display hung a beautiful poster. It featured a black woman and the uplifting words: strong, smart, independent, complicated, sensitive, deserving, and ambitious.

Any woman would be proud to have those encouraging terms attributed to her!

Satisfied that our booth was ready for the expo, we were preparing to leave when a black woman approached us. Her steady footsteps and stern expression made it clear that she wanted to speak her mind.

“Take down that poster,” she demanded.

Stunned, we asked why. She replied that it was racist.

We politely but firmly explained that it was not racist, and that our materials depicted women of all races.

We pointed out the affirmative words describing the woman, but she kept insisting that we change our display. Her only explanation was repeatedly to claim our exhibit was racist.

Realizing that we were not going to find common ground, we smiled politely, grabbed our personal items, and walked away.

Although our detractor was not willing to say the word “abortion” or admit her support for the killing of unborn children, her defiant demeanor caused us to wonder why supporting women and offering life-affirming assistance is so objectionable to abortion supporters.

At times neither reasoned logic nor sincere emotion can break through the staunch ideology of abortion advocates. These moments, rather than being defeating, are further impetus for the need to engage, educate, and help those lied to by the current culture of death.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!