Candidates Speak at Prolife Picnic

Vote Life Summer PicnicDuring this important election season, Grand Rapids Right to Life sponsored Vote Life, a summer picnic designed to bring potential voters together with prolife candidates.

Almost 60 people turned out for this free event held at Cascade Township Park on Thursday, August 4. Attendees brought their own picnic dinner and enjoyed cookies, chips, and water provided by Grand Rapids Right to Life.

Everyone mingled, visited the information tables, and had challenging conversations about the political climate in Michigan, the concerns over the Reproductive Freedom for All petition drive, and the possibility of a prolife wave during the general election.

After the national anthem, candidates were given a few minutes to talk about their prolife views and to answer questions from the audience.

Guest Speakers

  • U.S. Congressman Peter Meijer
  • Michigan Senator Rick Outman
  • Michigan Representative Pat Outman
  • Gina Johnsen, Michigan State House Candidate
  • Angela Rigas, Michigan State House Candidate
  • Jeff Johnson, Michigan State House Candidate
  • Lisa DeKryger, Michigan State House Candidate
  • Mike Milanowski, Michigan State House Candidate
  • Tom McKelvey, Kent County Commissioner Candidate
  • Judge Ray Voet

Guest Representatives for Candidates

  • U.S. Congressman John Moolenaar
  • Michigan Senator Mark Huizenga

All guests were Right to Life of Michigan PAC-endorsed candidates or office holders.

Grand Rapids Right to Life also distributed flags with cards attached that direct people to a website listing the prolife candidates that will appear on their November ballot.

Photos from the Vote Life Summer Picnic can be viewed on the Grand Rapids Right to Life Flickr page.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!