Lawrence Discusses Voting Prolife

Life in the 616The fall gathering of Life in the 616 offered an intimate opportunity for guests to share a cup of coffee and comfortably chat about the need to vote prolife first.

Elected officials at every level have opportunities to defend or deny life. It is imperative that men and women who will respect and protect the most vulnerable in society are placed in positions to lead the charge for life.

Thomas Lawrence, Life Educator for Grand Rapids Right to Life, discussed the importance of voting prolife and shared vital opportunities to ensure a culture of life in the community, state, and country.

A vibrant conversation ensued following Lawrence’s talk. Those present were inspired to get their church involved, devised plans to speak with family and friends, and were shocked at the extreme nature of Proposal 3, a ballot initiative to enshrine the right to abortion in the Michigan Constitution.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!