Our Daughters Deserve Better

Our Daughters Deserve BetterMy daughter wants her ears double pierced. We have had many discussions about the best place for the procedure, someplace reputable and clean; when to have it done, so it doesn’t interfere with her sports seasons; and risks and restrictions, because infections happen and lake swimming is not allowed.

It may sound silly, but all these issues have factored into her decision to have her ears pierced and into my decision whether or not to give my permission, which is required by law.

If Proposal 3 is passed this November, my teenage daughter, and yours, could have an abortion without any parental consent or knowledge. She would still need my permission to pierce her ears, but surgically or medically killing my grandchild could be done without my knowledge.

A pregnancy would be terrifying for nearly any teen. Facing an unplanned pregnancy, I  would want my daughter to have the very best counsel from someone who truly loves and cares for her.

I would want to hear how she feels, what she believes, and to walk the journey with her. It is my job as a parent to guide her, protect her, and help her see all the ramifications, risks, and outcomes of her decisions; especially when they pertain to a pregnancy decision.

Proposal 3 would allow her to be isolated, coerced, and influenced by those who may not have her best interests at heart. My daughter deserves better … and so does yours.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!