D’Souza Inspires Crowd to be Bold

Dinesh D'Souza speaking at the Focus on Life Benefit Dinner.Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was the incredible keynote speaker for the 35th annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner on Monday, October 10.

D’Souza inspired the crowd of 1,380 people to be bold in their prolife convictions. He also complimented Grand Rapids Right to Life on the number of outreach activities offered to the community and for providing a home for prolife people amid the devastation of 50 years of legalized abortion in the nation.

His logical talk was peppered with historical references. He encouraged people to be courageous like a lion and not to be shy when fighting to end the killing of unborn children

Jessica Ann Tyson, local businesswoman and Kentwood City Commissioner, was the emcee for the event. She spoke about her prolife convictions, which she shares with her twin sister, who is the president of the Democrats for Life national organization. Both sisters were adopted at the age of eight from foster care.

Laura Alexandria, president of Grand Rapids Right to Life, gave a talk about the accomplishments of the organization during 2022, which included election activities, an aggressive media campaign to fight Proposal 3, student scholarships, and community education through events and publications.

Many dignitaries, prolife legislators, and local judges were in attendance.

The evening opened with a prayer from Rev. Peter Damian, pastor of Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, and ended with prayer from Pastor Paul Myers from Sunset Park Church of God.

Photos from the Focus on Life Benefit Dinner may be viewed on the Grand Rapids Right to Life Flickr page.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!