Election Motivates Volunteers

Volunteer Election ActivityDuring the 2022 election season, Grand Rapids Right to Life volunteers stepped up and made every effort to get people to vote prolife.

In addition to helping prolife candidates get elected to office, volunteers were motivated to defeat Proposal 3.

In the month before the November 8 general election, volunteers made 8,686 phone calls, knocked on 18,615 doors, and distributed 1,110 voter guides at various polling locations. Local churches were also supplied with 660 voter guides.

Holy Family Radio invited representatives from Grand Rapids Right to Life to be on the air two times to discuss the dangers of Proposal 3. Deacon Jim Thorndill hosted the hour-long programs and spoke about the moral imperative for people of faith to protect life from conception until natural death.

Grand Rapids Right to Life ran an aggressive media campaign. To encourage people to vote “no” on Proposal 3, educational and election-related spots were created that ran on Wood Radio, The Game, B93, and iHeart Media podcasting programs. Throughout the city, 43 billboards were placed stating that Proposal 3 would allow for tragic and inhumane late-term abortions.

3,167,720 educational ads were posted online. These ads reached more than 213,204 unique users and garnered 7,504 clicks to a web page explaining the devastation Proposal 3 would cause if passed.

In addition to ordering flyers directly from the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children coalition, Grand Rapids Right to Life distributed 6,770 flyers to local churches.

Despite valiant efforts, Proposal 3 did pass, enshrining the “right” to abortion in the Michigan Constitution.

Despite a devastating loss, the efforts of volunteers were noticeable. Kent County voted 45.25% against Proposal 3. This result was better than in other large counties in the state. Grand Traverse County (42.76%), Ingham County (30.29%), Kalamazoo County (35.39%), Washtenaw County (23.91%), and Wayne County (31.74%) posted a lower percent of “no” votes on the anything-goes abortion proposal.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!