Students Write Unique Essays

Prolife Essay Scholarship Winners (2023)

Maria, Lilly, Emmanuel, David

Interesting and unique papers were received for the ninth annual Prolife Essay Contest. The junior division was open to students in grades 7-9 and the senior division involved students in grades 10-12.

In the senior contest, Maria Worrell, a junior at West Catholic High School, and Lilly Mantooth, a homeschooled sophomore, won first and second place respectively. In the junior competition, eighth-grader Emmanuel A. and seventh-grader David Marchinda, both from Sacred Heart Academy, placed first and second respectively.

Contestants had to write an essay explaining why they were personally prolife.

In a beautifully written essay, Worrell explained that she was prolife because she would never stand for moral injustice.

She illuminated this position by writing, “What I’m fighting for is the moments of joy a baby’s laughter brings, the tears at a baby’s momentous first words, and the applause that happens when a baby makes his or her first steps.”

Referencing philosophers and the existence of God, Emmanuel wrote about the hope that is present in a world seemingly filled with despair.

“Sometimes there are desperate situations in which there may  not seem good answers. Abortion is never a good answer,” Emmanuel espoused. “There are good answers, like helpful pregnancy centers, and adoption, which is a help for people who cannot afford to keep a baby, and a blessing for parents who would like to raise children. Despair comes from abortion, and the other options lead to hope.”

The winners received monetary prizes and all essays received were submitted to the National Right to Life competition.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!