Hamas in Israel … Abortion at Home

Why are pro-abortionists appalled?Why are pro-abortionists appalled and angry?

Every day, pro-abortionists worldwide do not have any problem ripping off the limbs and crushing the skulls of human babies still developing in the safety of their mother’s wombs, yet when Hamas beheads a baby sleeping in her crib, they are aghast.

Outcry and outrage at terrorists beheading and killing babies and children during war, or at any time, is a normal and righteous response to such evil and heinous acts.

But it makes one wonder, “What is the difference?”

It appears that the whole premise and foundation behind the pro-abortion movement, which at its core is an evolutionistic worldview, is that only the strong should survive as evolution makes room for things to evolve.

According to Margaret Sanger, one of Planned Parenthood’s leading founders, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

So for pro-abortionists, what are the values and reasons behind their indignation at terrorists killing innocent children and babies? It certainly is not the fundamental right to life for every unique human being from the moment of conception to natural death. One would think that these heinous acts would be no big deal for them as evolution, at its core, is simply leveling the playing field with one less mouth to feed in a world overpopulated with less desirable, “feeble-minded” creatures.

If humans are not unique and special and are not any different from trees, dirt, plants, animals, stars, and products of an evolved creation, what is the concern from their stance?

Bodie Hodge, researcher for Answers in Genesis, once said, “In an evolutionary, paganistic worldview … death is essentially the hero. You have to have death to get things out of the way so that the next phase of evolution can occur. In an evolutionary worldview, death is the hero.”

Hodge further quoted Carl Sagen, who said, “The secrets of evolution are time and death. Time plus death is what ultimately leads up to man’s existence in an evolutionary worldview.”

The mind of the pro-abortionist is extremely interesting. Abortionist Warren Hern told an interviewer that at one time he “slept with a rifle at home because he was afraid for his life because of death threats.” In the same breath, however, he did not have any qualms sharing that “at the end of 1974, I decided performing abortions was the most important thing I could do in medicine.”

Seriously? How about that Hippocratic oath he took, in which he swore to uphold the value of life and do it no harm?

The answer to why the pro-abortionist is appalled and angry at the actions of Hamas is … that they wouldn’t be if they were consistent in their arguments. But they aren’t. Because killing babies at any stage of life and under any circumstance is horrific and murderous.

The wicked acts of Hamas killing and beheading babies and children unaware and innocently sleeping in their warm beds are no different from the murderous intentions of the abortion-minded as they seek to intentionally kill the child still developing peacefully in the safety and warmth of her mother’s womb.

To be outraged at the slaughter of innocent human life, we must start here at home and turn from an utterly blind, pro-abortion, pro-death mindset.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!