Students Submit Compelling Essays

ProLife Essay Contest Winners (2024)

John, Natalie, Kateri, David

Local students submitted compelling compositions to the tenth annual Prolife Essay Contest, making it a difficult task for the judges to determine the winners.

In the senior contest, John Marchinda, a sophomore at Sacred Heart Academy, and Natalie Anderson, a homeschooled junior, won first and second place respectively.

In the junior competition, seventh-grader Kateri Lily Ann Boutell and eighth-grader David Marchinda, both from Sacred Heart Academy, placed first and second respectively.

Contestants had to write an essay explaining why they were personally prolife.

In a thought-provoking essay, John Marchinda discussed the value of human life.

“If a geologist, on finding a diamond, threw it away just because it didn’t look like a diamond when he found it, then he would never get a chance to see the diamond’s beauty and worth,” Marchinda wrote. “Aren’t people more valuable than diamonds?”

Anderson made a powerful case for her prolife beliefs.

“Abortion is an issue that can be addressed in many ways; scientifically, spiritually, politically,” she clarified. “The reason I am pro-life boils down to three principles: unborn babies are humans, abortion is murder, and taking a person’s life through murder violates God’s commands.”

Boutell shared her experiences volunteering at a local pregnancy care center.

“I see firsthand the joy of each child, even though their parents are often in difficult circumstances,” Boutell stated. “I have witnessed how much love these mothers have for their children and the happiness that their children bring them. It is beautiful to see fathers being a part of their life and being there to support the mothers.”

David Marchinda revealed how people who were adopted are a very special part of his life.

“One of my best friends was adopted from Ethiopia,” Marchinda explained. “We play on a soccer team together, play basketball, go on fun skiing and biking trips, and go to school together. My life would be different without him. I cannot image the thought of him not being here.”

The junior division was open to students in grades 7-9 and the senior division involved students in grades 10-12

The winners received monetary prizes and all essays received were submitted to the National Right to Life competition.

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