Behaviors Have Consequences

Behaviors Have Consequences“Don’t have sex … unless you are prepared to have a baby.”

Those were wise words from an old high school teacher. The message was clear that there are consequences to behaviors.

Before engaging in sex, it’s vital to consider the impact a pregnancy could have on your life and on a relationship.

When a couple spends time going for coffee, taking walks in the park, enjoying meals together, and getting to know one another, they gain insights into themselves and their companion. With respectful boundaries, they can make a decision about continuing or ending the dating relationship.

If they want to spend more time together, they can meet each other’s friends and family, gauge their interactions in times of ease and difficulty, and assess if the other person is reliable, responsible, caring, kind, and unselfish. If they are not a match, each person has the power to walk away from the relationship.

Sex, however, forms a bond that makes walking away from an unsuitable relationship much more difficult.

An offer to move-in together is not a pre-proposal … it’s a proposition! The other person is asking to “try you out” like a new pair of shoes until someone better comes along. They are off the hook regarding any real responsibility.

Sex, remember, can cause a baby.

An unplanned pregnancy is not the best way to determine if the relationship is based on love or lust, fantasy or reality.

Remorse over actions that produce unwelcome consequences is a good thing. Without reflecting on bad decisions, we only perpetuate and excuse those actions while going directly into crisis management.

Will he embrace fatherhood? Will she want an abortion? Will he abandon them? Will she raise the child alone?

We must warn young people about the lies the culture peddles. We must encourage them to confront their reckless and destructive behaviors. We need to communicate that good decisions result in good outcomes for everyone, especially for the children conceived through an unplanned pregnancy.

It’s important to save babies, but fathers and mothers must be inspired to accept their responsibilities, too. We need to be truthful and to encourage more virtuous decision making at a younger age. Churches and families need to work hand-in-hand to form a culture of life.

Marriage is honorable and is vital to a happy home life in which a committed couple can raise secure children.

Making wise choices before having sex helps one avoid being faced with life-altering decisions.

Laura A.

An awesome woman who fights daily for the prolife cause!